About Us

Have you ever felt like you are drowning in a sea of numbers, letters, symbols and shapes - and no matter how many math nerds you talks to, you still feel like you can't breathe? Then you are in the right place.
Whether you are a 9th grade struggling to pass geometry (for the 3rd time), a college student trying to eke through college algebra, or the mom of a 3rd grader trying to figure out how to make her understand times tables, we can help you.
Even if you are a "math nerd" and you need help with some advanced math topics, we can help!

I am Becca, a Math Saver, and here to help you navigate your way through the sometimes scary looking ocean that is math. I have a Bachelor's in Science in Mathematics with a minor in Physics and have been tutoring and teaching math (of all levels - elementary through college) for over 8 years. I took AP Calculus in High School, bombed the math section of the ACT the first time I took it, and have helped countless kids (and adults) find safety on the high seas of math.

This website is my effort to help everyone at least understand math - but my real goal is to help you start enjoying math a little.

I post on all kinds of math topics, from how to get your preschooler ready for math to multiple variable calculus and everything in between. I also post AP exam prep, ACT/SAT prep, and GRE/GMAT prep (math sections only). If you can't find the answer to your question, don't hesitate to ask - either by email, on Facebook, or on Twitter (or all three! - okay, just kidding, please don't post the same question on all three... please - I promise to answer if you ask a question!)

If you have questions, you can ask them in the comments, email me, ask on Facebook, or on Twitter. I am on Facebook and Twitter live from 3:00-3:30 pm Mon-Thurs MDT.